Create Your Own Functional Living Space with Ceiling Fans

You can create an industrial, earthy feel in your kitchen using raw bricks, natural wood, grey concrete floors, and add some finishing touches with modern ceiling fans.

You may have had to live in a rented apartment for several years, which you found boring as you were not in control of the decor due to certain limitations placed on you by the landlord. Find the best modern fan here.

Then, things changed for you and your companion in that you were afforded the chance to purchase property and have a house constructed.

Now that you are in charge, the sky is the limit as to what you can all do with the decor.

Naturally, once the construction work has been completed, there was nothing to hold you back from creating a functional, yet stylish abode.

During this time, both of you decided to use grey as a base color as it is neutral enough to let you play around with colors around it.

The moment you moved into your new home, you knew the time was right to begin the decorating process.

That is when you approached a renowned decorator to assist with the decoration process and lay out the foundations for your remodeling project.

You and your spouse decided to utilize earthly elements as it involves less bling and is way more beautiful.

Decorating the Lounge Area

Besides a functional, yet a practical cooling fan, the idea came to add a tinge of yellow as it is a strong accent color that can be applied using a high-gloss paint.

The coffee table you set in the living room area got made from a vintage chest your loved one had back in the day. Now that is some cost saving wisdom right there.

Why not give it some yellow legs and transform the lounge chairs wooden parts with the same color?

People tend to think that yellow is a delicate color and a gamble. Wait until you’ve used it, then you’ll see how beautiful it looks. Just like blue, yellow stands out beautifully, and it makes you feel good.

Couple’s Bedroom

If you should opt for a grey palette as your central theme, then you can play around with multi-colored throws and an earthy base. Whichever way you look at it, you need to view your bedroom areas as a work in progress. After all, you can add various accessories to brighten up your sleep domain and functional cooling mechanisms in the form of modern fans.

Your Children’s Room

Instill a contemporary vibe in the kids’ room by painting geometric patterns on a focal wall. It wouldn’t be half bad if you opted for a purple or pink triangle and gave the dressing table a welcome revamp where you make use of similar colors such as a pink or purple undercoat with touches of turquoise or light blue, then sand certain areas to achieve a rusted appearance.

Your interior designer and cooling fan experts highly recommend you clothe yourself with a bit of creativity and do things yourself as its good therapy for the inner self.

The Bathroom’s Turn

You may want to coat the shower walls of your en-suite bathroom with charcoal colors as it will provide more of a textured finish.

Doors leading to the small courtyard can fold open completely to create the feel of an outdoor shower and bath while still honoring your privacy.

What about paint in the bathroom?

While it may prove to be a challenge in moisture ridden areas, you are still spoilt for choice with a variety of waterbased paints that will clothe the walls with a gorgeous satin finish. What is more, the color is stain-resistant and ideal for coping in a steamy environment.

The Guest Loo

Who said this area of your home cannot be colorful too? Make use of vinyl tiling for the flooring that still carries the central theme of your home and set up a sideboard that you can paint with a soft yellow or blue where the basin can be embedded to allow for a nice touch.

Go to town by adding a variety of decorations to give the guest loo area a homely feel. Do not forget to add a lovely cooling effect with the addition of smaller-sized ceiling fans.