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Computer Freezes
Dll Error Messages
System Crashes
Registry Malfunctions
Computer Error Messages Shutdown Problems
Slow Windows Startup Corrupt File Errors
Slow PC Performance & Many More !!!
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Fix PC Errors with RegDefense

Best Registry Cleaner
Award Registry Cleaner
Registry Optimizer Registry Optimizer
Registry Manager Startup Manager
Registry Tool Backup / Restore Tools
Registry Scheduler Automatic Scheduler
64 Bit Registry 32 & 64 Bit Compatible
Windows 2003 Server Windows 2003 Server
Computer Registry Bulk Computer Licensing
System Registry Tweak System Manager
Registry Scan In-Depth Scan
Registry File Paths Fix Invalid File Paths
Fix Registry Fix Invalid Shortcuts
Registry Keys Fix Empty Registry Keys
Registry Classes Fix Invalid Class Keys
Registry Files Fix Invalid Font Files
Registry Settings Fix User Settings
Registry Performance Increases Performance
Computer Speed Increases Computer Speed
Disk Space Increases Disk Space
Computer Health Increases Computer Life
Shared Dll's Manage Shared Dll's
Registry Settings Customize Settings
Free Registry Scan Scan Result Manager
Registry Updates Automatic Updates
Registry Fix Automatic or Manual Fix
Visual Registry Scan Visual Scan Process
Manage Startup Validate Startup Programs
Active-X Controls Validate Active-X Objects
Computer Freeze Prevent PC Freezing
Computer Crash Prevent System Crashes
Defrag Registry Registry Defrag
Windows XP Registry Windows XP Compatible
Windows Vista Registry Windows Vista Compatible
Satisfaction Guarantee 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Registry Check & Much More !
Customer Testimonials

" I just wanted to pass this information on to you. Back when I purchased regdefense, I had a serious issue with my computer. After installing your software, it blew all those problems away! Since that time, I have had numerous problems with something corrupting my registry and sloooowing down my computer. I ran regdefense and that wiped out that problem.

Since I play a lot of "Hidden Object" games on my computer, I keep getting this slow down. To correct that, I have scheduled regdefense to run every day. That has cured my problem. For that, I thank you. This was well worth the investment price.

- Wade Striklin

" Just a quick note to say thanks for providing a GREAT program !!! I was hesitant to purchase this program because previous programs were not effective but Yours is !!! Cleaned up & speeded up my computer quickly & effectively at a great price. "

- Christian Dyuck, California

" Registry Defense is simply the product I trust to take complete of my registry. Its thorough analysis and clean-up of the registry coupled with its ease of use make it the benchmark for such products. Thank you Xionix for making such a product that removes registry problems BEFORE they become major issues. "

- David Fryer, Wyoming

Over the years I have searched many times for a product that would maintain my computer in top operating condition as it does now with Registry Defense. I believe that I receive a complete registry scan each time I set it to scan and I have not experienced any problems with my computer since becoming a Registry Defense customer. "

- Daniel Clark
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